Prepare Printer:

Is the build platform clear? There is a steel platform on the Projet 3510. This platform needs to be completely free of debris and locked into the printerIMG_5608.JPG

Is there enough material in the printer? The Projet 3510 will print no matter how much material is present. Starting a job that will run the printer dry of material can be very dangerous and harsh on the system. Materials for the Projet 3510 include support material (S300 Cartridges) and part material (M3 Cartridges). These materials are in large cylinders labeled as (Visiclear) and can be found in the storage cabinet. In order to change/add materials to the printer, you must attend a training lesson with GSS 3D Staff.

Does the waste tray have enough space? Projet 3510 waste tray is located in bottom drawer. Push to open. Push to close. Simply put on a glove and break the buildup that is found in the back on the tray. The waste tray does not need to be completely empty, but should be free of large build up.IMG_5613.JPG
Printer is now ready to use

Prepare 3D File

1.1: Drag 3D File to computer desktop.
1.2: Open up Client Manager

Select our printer

Click submit button

Select Files > Open STL file that was dragged to Desktop. **Make sure file is on Desktop
Double Check Size of Model.
Change Job Name.

Preview Part

When job is ready, press "SUBMIT".

Job status will change from "previewing" to "pending"

Once job status reaches "pending" on computer screen it is time to move to 3510 Main LED Screen

click on "prints" tab located on the printers front screen.

Find and click on your jo

Compare Materials

1.11: Click "Status" tab
1.12: Press green button
1.13: Follow onscreen directions and confirm that Build Platform is clear and Waste Tray is free of material
1.14: Doors will lock
1.15: Job will begin
1.16: If printer is in conserve mode or has not been used for 12 hours, it will begin warming up. After the printer is warmed up your job will begin. (depending on the state of conservation the printer is inn, the longer warming up can take)

3: Excavate and Finish Part
3.1: Remove Build platform and place entire platform in freezer for 10 minutes.
3.2: Once the platform is cold enough, entire part should pop off the platform.
3.3: Use a razor and rag to clean the platform. Let the platform dry before returning it to the printer.
3.4: Place your entire part in the Projet 3510 Finisher station. Turn the oven on, set temp between 60-70* Celsius. The wax supports will melt within 3-8 hours, depending on how large your part is. Keep a close eye on your part and assist in removing the wax when possible. For smaller, more fragile parts, set a lower temperature. The wax has a melting temperate of 60* Celsius, but will begin to loosen up at temperatures as low as 55* Celsius.
3.5: Keep an eye on your part when the wax is melting. Failure to remove the part on time could result in your part warping.
3.6: Use a steam bath to remove excess wax from your model.