Pipeline for Zortax M200

Open Up Z-Suite
Choose M200
Drag ready-to-print .stl file to desktop

In Z-suite
Add Object
Click Auto-Arrange to have object oriented in best position

Click Print (bottom left)
What follows are the default settings (change if necessary)
Profile: Z-ABS. (this is material. If you are using Z-Glass, then select Z-Glass)
Layer Thickness: 0.19mm is default. The thinner the layer the better the quality, slower the build time
Quality: Normal (can be high)
Infill: Medium (higher infill will produce a more structural part)
Support: Angle: 20 Degrees
Fan Speed: Auto

Click Prepare to Print
Click Save to Print

Take SD card from Zortrak M200 and use Zortak Flashdrive converter
Save Z-Code to SD Card with Appropriate file name

Export SD Card and return SD card to Zortrax M200

Turn on M200 on Left Side
Click Models > Find your file and select
Double check material is correct
Clock Print when ready

Platform will warm up and begin printing. It is good practice to watch and make sure the first 5-10 layers are printing correctly before leaving